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Wal-Mart Asked to Drop Christian Video Game

samzenpus posted about 8 years ago | from the the-crusades-were-fun dept.

Censorship 1535

doug141 writes "Liberal and progressive Christian groups say a new computer game in which players must either convert or kill non-Christians is the wrong gift to give this holiday season and that Wal-Mart, a major video game retailer, should yank it off its shelves.Players can choose to join the Antichrist's team, but of course they can never win on [his] side. The enemy team includes fictional rock stars and folks with Muslim-sounding names, while the righteous include gospel singers, missionaries, healers and medics."

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What's a "progressive Christian"? (5, Funny)

Rosco P. Coltrane (209368) | about 8 years ago | (#17234840)

Is it like a critical fairy tale believer?

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (5, Funny)

ifchairscouldtalk (1031944) | about 8 years ago | (#17234896)

Is it like a critical fairy tale believer?
Kinda, but probably closer to a secure Windows.

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235002)

More likely a secure PHP script.

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (4, Funny)

Lumpy (12016) | about 8 years ago | (#17234900)

A progressive Christian is someone that does not flip you off before or after they run you off the road in their SUV covered in Christian bumper stickers.

Either that or a Christian that got a good deal on his car insurance.

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (5, Insightful)

yourexhalekiss (833943) | about 8 years ago | (#17235042)

A progressive Christian is someone who actually does what the Bible says to do: Love one's neighbor more than one's self Loves God with all of their heart, soul and mind. It's pretty much that simple. Any person that calls themselves a Christian but hates homosexuals, Muslims, non-Christians, liberals, etc. is sorely deluding themselves.

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (4, Insightful)

princesspetunia (1039802) | about 8 years ago | (#17235102)

Exactly - a "progressive" christian is "a Chrsitain". As my favorite t-shirt says: "The Christian Right is Neither"

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235166)

...but the Bible says to hate the homosexuals.

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (3, Informative)

Aalst (943515) | about 8 years ago | (#17235184)

I will sweep away everything in all your land," says the LORD. "I will sweep away both people and animals alike. Even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea will die. I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity," says the LORD. "I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist and destroy every last trace of their Baal worship. I will put an end to all the idolatrous priests, so that even the memory of them will disappear. For they go up to their roofs and bow to the sun, moon, and stars. They claim to follow the LORD, but then they worship Molech, too. So now I will destroy them! And I will destroy those who used to worship me but now no longer do. They no longer ask for the LORD's guidance or seek my blessings. (Zephaniah 1:2-6 NLT)

Nice bokk, eh?

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234928)

Do you snicker at the Amish too?

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235134)

They do talk pretty funny. It's hard not to.

My guess (1, Insightful)

Per Abrahamsen (1397) | about 8 years ago | (#17235020)

I'm guessing a Christian who does not feel it imperative to impose their beliefs and values (for US "regressive" Christians typically the belief that the King James translation of the Bible is the only true words of God, and a selected subset of old testament values combined with some values from an imaginary 50's America) on other people.

Which of course make it hypocritical to campaign for the ban of a video-game portraying different values. Of course the values of the video game seems to be that it is good to impose your values on other people.

Re:My guess (3, Insightful)

tritonman (998572) | about 8 years ago | (#17235056)

I would say it's a Christian that has a deep belief in Jesus' teachings, but doesn't necessarily believe that he was God as was decided by the pagan roman emperor Constantine. Also believing that they may be wrong so it's stupid to push their belief on other people.

Re:My guess (3, Insightful)

lord_mike (567148) | about 8 years ago | (#17235178)


No offense... but, you probably shouldn't be getting your theology lessons from the Da Vinci Code.



Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (2, Insightful)

neimon (713907) | about 8 years ago | (#17235114)

Not all Christians are bible-thumping bigoted idiots bent on blah-blah-blahing their way into every nook and cranny until we're all like them, and then they can find another reason to hate us. The people you're thinking of would hate people no matter what the circumstances.

Many other Christians understand the Bible's metaphorical message, and try to live their lives in gentle kindness and generosity.

You, however, remain ignorant and in only tentative charge of a computer. The only difference between you and the people we're talking about is you dress less neatly.

Re:What's a "progressive Christian"? (4, Insightful)

slughead (592713) | about 8 years ago | (#17235126)

What's a "progressive Christian"?

Is it like a critical fairy tale believer?

Nah dude, it's totally OK to dis other people's religion.

Yeah yeah, I know--all Christians are pigheaded morons who take the bible literally.

And moreover, their whole religion is a fairy tale.

See because, it's OK for you to hate and belittle their religion, while at the same time damning all the Christian believers for being bigots.

I guess it's OK to be a bigot, as long as you're not Christian.

If this works, let me be the first to say: (4, Funny)

gentimjs (930934) | about 8 years ago | (#17234842)

Lions = 1 , Christians = 0

Re:If this works, let me be the first to say: (-1, Offtopic)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235230)

About time the Lions win a game. They really suck this year.
Unfortunately, don't see too many (US) football games with a
score of 1-0. My only guess is the Christians were laughing
too hard when they found out they were playing the Lions
they forgot to get on the plane and were forfeited.

Robotic Jesus (5, Funny)

garlicbready (846542) | about 8 years ago | (#17234852)

does it have a 100ft robotic Jesus with spinning cross attack?
How about the star of David Ion canon?

Re:Robotic Jesus (1, Funny)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235130)

They have one of those giant Jesus robots in Brazil. They just haven't figured out how to turn it on.

Wow! (0, Troll)

suso (153703) | about 8 years ago | (#17234854)

Christianity is finally growing a pair.

I think that's about all I can say about this.

Re:Wow! (1)

DaveCar (189300) | about 8 years ago | (#17235072)

It sounds like a hoax, but taking "Left Behind Games" and the "Left Behind" series of books at face value (according to Amazon book 1 has characters such as "Rayford Steele" and "Buck Williams" which is either a kitsch postmodern joke or the books really are going to be as bad as one would expect) I do believe that they are actually serious!

I heven't played any computer games since "Quake", but damn, this sounds fantastic, I want to play it!

Still I can't help wondering that someone, somewhere in the design of this approached it with a knowing wink and could barely stiffle their sniggering at the ham-fisted naffness of the whole concept. It certainly makes the idea that I've been kicking around for a while of a collectible card game based on Catholic Saints (categories like "miracles performed, "followers", "cathederals") seem a little pale in comparison ...

and this is different from life how?? (1, Insightful)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234870)

But you are mowing down your enemy with a gun. It pushes a message of religious intolerance.

Kind of like the current state of Many religions. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc... all kill for the sake of their god, They just are catching up to what he christians did the past 500 years.

Killing a group of schoolchildren because they would not wear the stupid veil. Yeah, that's a peaceful religion!

All of you except the buddists are sick individuals that use your beliefs as a reason to kill murder and rape.

Re:and this is different from life how?? (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235096)

When Christianity turned 1500ish they had things like Conquering South America, and The Spanish inquisition.

Guess What Islam is 1427

the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (1, Insightful)

taxman_10m (41083) | about 8 years ago | (#17234872)

Wow, that's so divorced from reality.

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234926)

It sure is. GW Bush doesn't sound muslim, however...

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (2, Insightful)

dch24 (904899) | about 8 years ago | (#17234938)

So, on the opposite side of the coin, these liberal and progressive Christian groups want to either convert the game into a bland game for youngsters [mothergoose.com] , or kill -9 it.

Pot calling the kettle black?

I think war games are an important education tool. (I'm also personally a fan of private gun ownership, so maybe I'm biased.) But watching what happens in the Emergency Room is considered educational. Then why not also the events on the battlefied. So in this one it's the Christians versus the Muslims. Maybe that's not in really good taste, but is it in good taste in Battlefield 2, Americans versus Muslims or Americans versus the Chinese? Or if the religious symbolism is offensive, what would you say if I showed you a game that's blatantly Satanic [idsoftware.com] ? My two cents says it doesn't matter.

Now, I'm curious if it has good gameplay. I'm guessing it doesn't ("After you kill somebody you need to recharge your soul points and to do that you need to bend down in prayer." from the CNN Article [cnn.com] ). Then we have nothing to worry about.

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (4, Insightful)

montyzooooma (853414) | about 8 years ago | (#17235066)

Yeah but once a Christian takes up arms to defend his faith he's not actually a Christian anymore is he?

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (1)

jimstapleton (999106) | about 8 years ago | (#17235074)

So, killing demons and satan is satanic?

Funny, I find doom a better game for christian values than that pile of tripe in TFA.

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (1)

sesshomaru (173381) | about 8 years ago | (#17235120)

Regarding Doom 3.

If you are worshipping the demons, the game is Satanic.

If you are shooting at them, it is not.

However, one of my favorite RTSs allows me to play as the Soviet Union [amazon.com] , and another allows me to command armies of demon worshiping psychos [amazon.com] , so I'm all for tolerance.

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (1, Interesting)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234950)

that's so divorced from reality.

Yeah, what kind of nut would ever have thought that names like Timothy McVeigh or "the Unibomber" or Charles Dreyling sound Muslim?

Re:the enemy has folks with muslim sounding names? (1, Flamebait)

macdaddy357 (582412) | about 8 years ago | (#17235182)

Their next title will be called Crusader. In the first part of it, you go to the middle east in the time of the crusades to kill Arabs, Byzantine Christians, and anyone else who happens to get in the way. Let God sort them out. If you win that portion, the next one is witch hunting back in Europe. Don't leave a single woman or girl alive, she could easily be a witch! You also break into Jewish ghettos killing Rabbis and burning Synagogues. The weird, unchristian stuff they do in there is probably witchcraft, too. Phase 3 is set here in Jesusland, formerly known as The United States. It is a lot like the left behind game, as it is set in modern times, which every fundie knows are the end-times. Kill! Kill! Kill!

I'm a believer ? (1)

El Cabri (13930) | about 8 years ago | (#17234880)

When I read the description of the game in the article, I told myself "I cannot believe it". So you can imagine where I stand on the issue of faith...

Holding out (2, Funny)

hoto0301 (811128) | about 8 years ago | (#17234882)

I'm holding out until it comes out for the Wii

What kind of... (0, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234890)

...ass-hat would make a game like this in the first place, and what the fsck was Wal-Mart thinking when they agreed to sell it ?

Re:What kind of... (1)

Architect_sasyr (938685) | about 8 years ago | (#17235188)

What kind of ass-hat would make a game like this

Being a bit of a racist sadistic guy, I certainly would if I had the idea and coded GUI.

what the fsck was Wal-Mart thinking when they agreed to sell it ?

Probably something along the lines of "hmm... america didn't do so hot in Iraq... I reckon a few people would buy this to feel better" or something to that tune.

Hell, someone get me a copy to Australia and I'll buy it.

in other news (0, Offtopic)

cryptoz (878581) | about 8 years ago | (#17234892)

Intellectuals across the nation have asked that all retail stores take America's Army off their shelves and that americasarmy.com be shut down.

I give up. (4, Insightful)

strider44 (650833) | about 8 years ago | (#17234904)

I have read the article and still can't tell whether the game makers are actually serious or not. I laughed with the it's ok to kill as long as you prey really hard - satire worthy of Stephen Colbert. Either way, I think, the game designers are worthy of our greatest of laughter.

Re:I give up. (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235088)

Actually, "preying really hard" would be expected to involve killing, wouldn't it? Though, it does sound like the game authors have the same problem in distinguishing between "praying" and "preying" as you do.

Re:I give up. (4, Insightful)

mwvdlee (775178) | about 8 years ago | (#17235162)

This game seems to be, quite literally, preaching hatred.

I wonder if the books that this game is based on, teaches the same "values".

Besides, I always thought muslims DID believe in jesus christ, just not in the same way christians do. Quite similar to how judaïsm believes in jesus christ in a different way than christians. Both religions acknowledge the existence of jesus christ, they just have different interpretations. Perhaps people of these, or other, religions can clarify? Either way; having muslims "star" as the main non-christian group seems suspicious, considering the large amount of other non-christians groups.

Can't wait... (5, Funny)

d3m0nCr4t (869332) | about 8 years ago | (#17234908)

Can't wait for a reaction of Jack Thompson on this one...

Re:Can't wait... (5, Funny)

techpawn (969834) | about 8 years ago | (#17234986)

Hopefully his head will explode in a poof of circular logic.
Video game == Bad
Chirstians == Good
Christian + Video game == ??? *pop*

Re:Can't wait... (5, Funny)

Jackass Thompson (932628) | about 8 years ago | (#17235032)

I enjoy the game and highly recommend it.

Who cares ... (0, Flamebait)

wulfbyte (722147) | about 8 years ago | (#17234910)

It's not like anyone is going to bomb us for being hateful and derisive of other people and their beliefs. Right?

Why They're Mad (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234912)

They're just mad because sales-wise it's been 'crucifying' another religious game starring a rabbi [cnn.com] .

Banning crap is a waste of time (4, Insightful)

PingSpike (947548) | about 8 years ago | (#17234920)

Sounds like a pretty awful game, tasteless and cliched but worst of all unbalanced...the anti-christ team can't even win. But why give them the handy excuse of being censored for its impending failure? I say let them sell it, and let the free kill them.

Plus, all media must be protected...even, and especially, the shitty stuff like this.

Re:Banning crap is a waste of time (1)

DaMattster (977781) | about 8 years ago | (#17234978)

This does seem like an awful, tasteless game but you are right. Banning is not going to help the situation. However, there should be a few more limits to freee speech. I think the press and media have gone WAY too far. I have to admit that the game would be better if the antichrists could win. Too biased :P

Re:Banning crap is a waste of time (1)

Entropy (6967) | about 8 years ago | (#17234996)

If the government were passing legislation to ban this, I'd agree with you. But since it's not the government, but *part of* the free market, asking another *part of* the free market to pull it, then I say let them go ahead and ask Walmart all they want. And if Walmart wants to pull it based on this, it's their choice.

Re:Banning crap is a waste of time (1)

giorgiofr (887762) | about 8 years ago | (#17235044)

The problem is that people on a mission tend to escalate this kind of stuff pretty quickly, to a governmental level if necessary, and the press is all too happy to report it because it makes for great polarizing. But I still believe that everyone should be free to put out whatever game they wish, and this includes me publishing Hello Kitty 40.000 (in the grim future of Hello Kitty there is only war) and they publishing this kind of game.
The gov't in my country is trying to censor games right now - a leftist gov't - and even though I won't play e.g. Rule of Rose because it must really suck, I still believe it must be let loose on the market.

Re:Banning crap is a waste of time (2)

cdrudge (68377) | about 8 years ago | (#17235156)

Plus, all media must be protected...even, and especially, the shitty stuff like this. I usually agree with statements like this. However I'm also a firm believer that a private store (in the sense it's not government owned/controlled) also has the right to decide what they do and don't want to sell. The publisher of the game would be free to continue to sell their game somewhere else, just not at Wal-Mart if the people fighting this get their way. Let the market decide if it wants to support such a game.

I would compare it to magazines like Playboy or Penthosue. Wal-Mart doesn't sell those, but they are still available elsewhere.

Re:Banning crap is a waste of time (1)

PingSpike (947548) | about 8 years ago | (#17235206)

You're right. The more I think about it, the more I think I was just flying off the handle a bit chasing after something that wasn't there.

I guess this story isn't really news then...it actually sounds like its suppose to work. Maybe that is news these days though.

It's only a game (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234934)

What's the problem? Practically every interesting game has some "objectionable" content. This is yet another attempt at censorship. The only "twist" to this story is that instead of the "holy-rollers" complaining, it is the "anti-holy-rollers" who now have a bee in their bonnet. Sort of "dog bites man" if you will.

If Wal-Mart listened to the complaint every fringe group, Wal-Mart would have to go out of business. But hey, maybe that's the hidden agenda of these various whiners.

Re:It's only a game (2, Interesting)

CrazyTalk (662055) | about 8 years ago | (#17234982)

"Fringe Group?" As Apu once said to Rev. Lovjoy, "There are over one billion of us, sir"

Liberal and progressive Christians... (0, Troll)

ifchairscouldtalk (1031944) | about 8 years ago | (#17234940)

They are the Antichrist! They can never win.

Hypocrites (-1, Flamebait)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234942)

wow they (the protestors) must be massively insecure about their beliefs and religion if they're so worried about the effects a game might have. Didn't they're god create the UNIVERSE and everything in it (so they claim)? Isn't they're god the ultimate power? And yet they still have a childish hissy fit when someone shows them in a bad light or challenges their "faith".

See... (2, Insightful)

CapitalT (987101) | about 8 years ago | (#17234948)

That's what happens when you become a stinking hypocrite! Christians history is full of blood, other people's blood. Reminds me of the letter a knight sent to his mother (or was it the king?) telling him that muslims' blood is reaching the horses' knees during the crusades.

Re:See... (-1, Troll)

Nuclear Elephant (700938) | about 8 years ago | (#17235050)

And if you're still so blind as to see what the Muslims' strategy is after 9/11, and still think it's "some extremist sect" never wondering why the rest of the Muslims won't come out and condemn them, then you'll never understand that the crusades were a defensive position for the Christians.

Re:See... (1)

udderly (890305) | about 8 years ago | (#17235238)

The knight was probably just trying to convince his mother (or king) that they were in the "end-times" by exagerrating the carnage. The statement is right out of Revelation 14:20 [biblegateway.com] .

Speaking as a Christian I can say that all Christians are hypocrites. In all fairness though, it is much more difficult to avoid hypocrisy when one's ethical system is imposed from without or is codified. Christianity's ethical system is generally thought to be based upon the insanely high standard of Matthew 22:37-40 [biblegateway.com] .

Personally, I'm in noncompliance most of the time.

Calls for a patch (4, Funny)

Valacosa (863657) | about 8 years ago | (#17234952)

Players can choose to join the Antichrist's team, but of course they can never win on [his] side. The enemy team includes fictional rock stars...
I want to buy it just so I can hack it and release a patch. Good games should balance the two opposing sides!

Besides, who wouldn't want to dominate the world for seven years of darkness? I call Marilyn Manson as my right hand man!

Oops, let me help you... (3, Funny)

aussersterne (212916) | about 8 years ago | (#17235038)

By "Marilyn Manson" I think you mean "Dick Cheney."

Don't you hate it when the truth is told... (4, Insightful)

RaigetheFury (1000827) | about 8 years ago | (#17234954)

It's funny to me how religious followers are always offended when someone pokes fun at their beliefs, but then they have no problem being judgemental, insulting and forget they are part of one of the most violent and viscious organizations in history. (see: Crusades, Persecution, Inquisition...) Personally I would have made it so the anti christ could win. When you won every corner would suddenly have a starbucks, HMA's would be worse than Stalin, everyone would be driving a gas guzzling SUV and our president would be satan himself... ... wait a sec... crap...

No blood or gore (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234958)

Um. The actual publishers of the game say

There is no blood or gore in Left Behind: Eternal Forces.
The game is designed to be a classic battle between good and evil,
but it does not gratuitously depict violence or death.
http://www.leftbehindgames.com/pages/controversy.h tm [leftbehindgames.com]

Hypocracy at its finest (3, Insightful)

tilandal (1004811) | about 8 years ago | (#17234960)

Among other choice quotes:

When asked about the Arab and Muslim-sounding names, Frichner said the game does not endorse prejudice. But "Muslims are not believers in Jesus Christ" -- and thus can't be on Christ's side in the game. "That is so obvious," he said.

But Plugged In, a publication of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, gave the game a "thumbs-up." The reviewer called it "the kind of game that Mom and Dad can actually play with Junior
Thats right folks. Its OK to kill Muslims because they don't believe in Jesus. Its tons of fun for the whole family. Thats right Little Johny, shoot those non-believers.

Re:Hypocracy at its finest (4, Informative)

TeknoHog (164938) | about 8 years ago | (#17235086)


But "Muslims are not believers in Jesus Christ" -- and thus can't be on Christ's side in the game.

Incidentally, I saw a lecture on the topic quite recently, and learned that Muslims do believe in Jesus Christ. He is a highly regarded prophet, second only to Mohammed, and he plays a key role in the end-of-times scenario of Islam.

Of all the major religions in the world, Islam is the only non-Christian faith that recognises Jesus.

This is from http://www.itl.org.uk/Jesus/ [itl.org.uk] . Googling for "jesus islam" gives lots of further reading.

Re:Hypocracy at its finest (1)

Kookus (653170) | about 8 years ago | (#17235142)

I think they should have picked Atheist sounding names... Out of all of the "religions" out there, that one is the one Christians should fear the most.
After all, when it comes to battles, information is king. Who better to challenge those in power then the ones who actively challenge their "knowledge".

Re:Hypocracy at its finest (1)

BigBuckHunter (722855) | about 8 years ago | (#17235198)

Thats right folks. Its OK to kill Muslims because they don't believe in Jesus. Its tons of fun for the whole family. Thats right Little Johny, shoot those non-believers.

The interviwee has a flaw in his reasoning. The last time I checked, Muslims do believe in Jesus. It's where the Christians don't believe in Mohammad that the "disconnect" occurs.

By "disconnect", I am reffering to about a thousand years of murder, rape, torture, alienation, and misery caused by both parties.


Take the fighting in the game out of context (4, Interesting)

Shivetya (243324) | about 8 years ago | (#17234964)

and it does look really bad. It does come across as nothing more than "covert or die". If taken in context, the game works just fine. There is nothing PC about religion and trying to apply PC centric ideals to a game based on religion and one groups belief of the end times is even dumber than any game can be.

The books, yes I read them - I love most end time fiction (whether is religious or not - Zelazny wrote some good stuff). The books deal with a society where the surviving members of society are either members of the new world order and subscribe to that order's church or are denied rights, and eventually killed out of hand. Christians are set as the opposing force, after all its a book from Christians about a story in Bible. Throughout the series they convert many people from various religions and non-beliefs. Though many times that never convert and directly or indirectly stop them. It isn't all happy go lucky and neither will be the game.

I look at it this way, if those Christian readers who take offense at the game were not offended by the books then they are just hypocritical. Does making it a game, itself just another work of fiction, present it in a way that that is more offensive than print? I guess seeing a visual representation does the trick for many people. I know many who can read murder novels, even graphic ones, but take offense at seeing dead bodies on the TV. Hell, there are many who can read about sex but damn if they would watch it.

Look, the first rule is no one is forcing anyone to buy it. The second rule is, you have the right to be offended but you do not have the right to suppress what offends you. The third rule is, get over it.

Leave the game in the stores. There are far more more violent and offensive games that have come out and they are still sold. If we change the rules because the game is based on religious themes how long before we change the rules for everything else?

Re:Take the fighting in the game out of context (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235200)

Hear, Hear,

As long as when the next GTA comes out we hear "religious leaders" condemning both this game as well as GTA... otherwise they'd be just complete hypocrites

The geek reply..., (1)

plankrwf (929870) | about 8 years ago | (#17234976)

Off course the geek reply would be to make a patch - somewhere - available, in which the "non-christians" win
Or, even better, where the "opposition" could convert as well.
Or, even better, where the names of non-christians and christians was reversed?

Seriously though, this seems to be on the same scale as those hedious games in which neo-nazi's kill jews...
My guess is, though, that this game will be short lived: who wants to play a game in which only one side (the "non Carpatia" side) can win?

A better idea would have been ... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17234990)

To develop a game where the christians invade the muslims homeland. They rape, plunder, and pillage their lands and people and then leave it for dead. Such a far out scenario would cause such controversy. Oh wait...

Wow! (5, Insightful)

Aladrin (926209) | about 8 years ago | (#17234998)

"It pushes a message of religious intolerance."

Talk about realism in video games! I'm amazed! How did they get it so life-like?

They don't dislike the 'Left Behind' book and game series because it's inaccurate. They dislike it because it's TOO accurate. It shows how religious people really think and act. Okay, so maybe the Pastor at the local church doesn't use a gun to convert people, but the message is the same: Convert to my religion or burn in everlasting flames. And maybe if they left it at a statement, it wouldn't be so bad. But we still have clergy that do completely immoral and unethical things, sometimes not even to further their cause, but for personal gain. And they get away with it.

I used to call myself Christian, but not really name which type (Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, etc). Now, I say I believe sort of like they do, but with a few major differences:

God doesn't care what religion you are, so long as you are a good person.
God doesn't care what name you call him by.
The Bible was written by man, not God. It was then translated by man, not God. Several times. It is a tool to guide you to the correct path, and nothing more. All holy books serve this same purpose, no matter the religion. Church is also such a tool. (I won't get into corruption, that's a long debate.)

Instead of merely tolerating other religions, I embrace them. They are God's methods of helping us be better people.

So far, I'm pretty much alone in my religion. I don't imagine I'll be setting up a church any time soon. ;)

Re:Wow! (1)

rxzephyr (1039804) | about 8 years ago | (#17235132)

You may be surprised as to how many people share those views. Check out Unitarian Universalism. :)

Re:Wow! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235212)

The Bible was written by man, not God. It was then translated by man, not God. Several times. It is a tool to guide you to the correct path, and nothing more. All holy books serve this same purpose, no matter the religion. Church is also such a tool. (I won't get into corruption, that's a long debate.)
So are you being a tool in this post?

Re:Wow! (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235234)

http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=galati ons%202:21-3:5;&version=31 [biblegateway.com] ; The above text is what drove Martin Luther to break away from the Catholic Church. It's based upon your first point, "...so long as you are a good person". Basically, it's 1st Century writings that say what you do doesn't matter. There's plenty more of it in 1st Corinthians 10: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20co rinthians%2010:23;&version=31;51 [biblegateway.com] ; I'd link to the whole passage, but one must have an understanding of Jewish law to get the broader concept.

Re:Wow! (1)

oliverthered (187439) | about 8 years ago | (#17235240)

God doesn't care what religion you are, so long as you are a good person.
God doesn't care what name you call him by.

I am a satanist, I call my God satan, I eat little babies so that I can go the Heaven umm...

Somehow I think it does matter, at least to those people who have to live with religious people.

Is Jack Thompson in the game? (1)

clickety6 (141178) | about 8 years ago | (#17235000)

And if so, which side is he on? The devil-spawned "Christian" fundamentalists' or the devil-spawned baby-slaying heathens'?

And who cares? Let's just kill them all and let God sort them out (in the game of course)

Orthodoxy *anything* sucks... (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235006)

As a person of faith, I have to say stuff like this is terrifying and it makes you wonder if orthodoxy *anything* is good and acceptable. I am talking about Orthodox Christians like those who apparently created this game. Orthodox Muslims or Orthodox Jews are in the same camp in my eyes as it seems like Orthodoxy has gone through a change of sorts where it used to mean one who adhered to traditional, established faith. However, it has seemed to pervert over the last few years into an intolerant form of belief where non-believers must be killed, eliminated or otherwise marginalized. The Orthodox Christians here in the USA have certainly caused this country problems as well as pretty much screwed things up internationally, while the Orthodox Jews are persecuting the Palestinians and the Orthodox Muslims are perverting their own brand of religion, sewing hate and violence not just internationally, but in their own home countries.

Muslims Start Killing People - Blame the Christian (0, Flamebait)

Nuclear Elephant (700938) | about 8 years ago | (#17235014)

So why is this game focused around Christians killing people if they don't convert, when it's the Muslims who are doing the kiling these days? Because the game manufacturer knows that the Muslims will come knocking down doors and slitting throats if they released something like this aimed at them. So instead of applying reality to the real religious freaks, lets go make the Christians look bad for the perversion in some other religion. Oh but Islam is peace, right? That explains why none of them are standing up to condemn the acts of terrorism done by their fellow Muslims, and a few that do get kicked out of the Mosque. Seriously, it's time to get over the crap they've been spewing and see them for who they are, rather than go and make a quick buck discrediting some unrelated faith who is inherently peaceful. Now that you've seen first hand what Muslim zealots are capable of, maybe you understand now why the crusades was a defensive response for Christians. Whoever made this game is a coward.

Re:Muslims Start Killing People - Blame the Christ (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235202)

Fact: Christians have not killed any Muslims in Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine.


rod and todd (1)

Heem (448667) | about 8 years ago | (#17235018)

they so stole the idea from the Simpsons.

Re:rod and todd (1)

jimstapleton (999106) | about 8 years ago | (#17235160)

The appropriate phrase is...

"THE SIMPSONS DID IT" a-la South Park.

According to The Onion AV Club (3, Informative)

antifoidulus (807088) | about 8 years ago | (#17235024)

the gameplay really sucks [avclub.com] anyway, so maybe the game will do more harm to the cause they are trying to promote than good....

At any rate, didn't a parody of a game similiar in mechanics to this appear on the Simpsons like 10 years ago?

Re:According to The Onion AV Club (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235070)

It does really suck. I wasted my bandwidth to pirate it and then worked around the spyware/ingame ads just to find out that the game has horrible controls, runs badly, and is throughly uninteresting. I felt /bad/ about seeding the torrent as I knew I was contributing to others being able to enjoy this wonderful game... and I wanted to scrub my harddrive clean with some steel wool as quickly as possible.

Freedom of Religion, not freedom FROM religion (3, Insightful)

tiedyejeremy (559815) | about 8 years ago | (#17235048)

Is Wal-Mart actively promoting some religious idea or merely delivering a product for which there is demand? It pains me when people forget that freedom OF religion does not mean freedom FROM religion, regardless of the religion or ideas. It's even worse when people decide to use something like supply and demand to promote their dislike for "big businesses" like Wal-Mart and go on a near religious crusade of their own to undermine the very ideals our constitution guarantees

Re:Freedom of Religion, not freedom FROM religion (1)

trianglman (1024223) | about 8 years ago | (#17235170)

According to the Constitution, it doesn't even matter if Wal-mart were actively promoting it. The only thing in the Constitution is that the government cannot promote one religion over another (not that that has ever stopped them...). Wal-mart, the Left Behind people, even Satanists-R-Us are fully within their Constitutional rights to promote whatever religion they want.

Re:Freedom of Religion, not freedom FROM religion (1)

meglon (1001833) | about 8 years ago | (#17235216)

While the two are distinctive, they are not mutually independant. To have freedom OF religion, people must also have freedom FROM religion. If you have no freedom from religion, then religion absolutely WILL intrude on everyones lives, regardless of their personal choice.

I can't write it any better than Fran Lebowitz did in this exerpt (http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2004/ 10/lebowitz_excerpt200410), which is a great read through and through:

"And let us admit that where there is less religion there is more progress. And that this has been true not only throughout the entire history of the whole world but even in the United States of America. And let us understand that if you do not have a greater belief in democracy than you do in your religion you will eventually have less democracy. And that you may even lose your religion, because, as it turns out, the only people who are really tolerant of other people's religions are people who are really not that religious."

That paragraph sums up what people really forget.

Others lining up with the Antichrist (4, Funny)

singer-scientist (956421) | about 8 years ago | (#17235052)

The enemy team includes fictional rock stars and folks with Muslim-sounding names
Presumably it also includes:
  • Gays
  • Bisexuals
  • Atheists
  • Biologists
  • Geologists
  • Cosmologists
  • Anyone from France
  • Anyone who has used any form of contraception
  • In fact anyone who has ever had sex for reasons other than making more christians
  • Anyone with a brain

Hmmm (1)

maroberts (15852) | about 8 years ago | (#17235058)

Does this mean that Medieval 2: Total War, where one also converts or exterminates ones enemies, or [Doom|Quake] [1-4] should also be banned, or....? The list would be endless.

The plot outline of the game is tawdry, but banning is far to good for it. I think it's just an excuse to drum up sales for something that will be a cut price game by March next year.

This should not be the subject of a computer game. (1)

Rufty (37223) | about 8 years ago | (#17235062)

That's what real life's for!

Huh (1)

styryx (952942) | about 8 years ago | (#17235092)

From TA:
players lose "spirit points" every time they gun down nonbelievers rather than convert them.
The national reserve of 'spirit points' seems to be quickly diminishing.

Unfortunatley, I must side with the extremists... (5, Insightful)

trianglman (1024223) | about 8 years ago | (#17235100)

I thought it would be a cold day in their Hell before I did but...

Unfortunately, creating this game is Constitutionally protected free speech, and selling it is completely up to Wal-Mart and other retailers. I think it was done in very poor taste but should be treated no differently than GTA or any other games that are similarly in bad taste.

Is this just a walmart attack? (1)

harris s newman (714436) | about 8 years ago | (#17235118)

Look, I'm Jewish, and think this type of game is terrible, but Walmart is not the only seller [google.com] of this game. Why single out Walmart?

Just because it's called Christian (0)

Anonymous Coward | about 8 years ago | (#17235124)

...doesn't mean it has anything to do with truly following Christ. A lot of people call themselves Christian, but don't really practice "daily dying to their self."

Sad, but typical.

Re:Just because it's called Christian (1)

tiedyejeremy (559815) | about 8 years ago | (#17235154)

Sort of like the muslims christians hate?

Fable (2, Interesting)

aitikin (909209) | about 8 years ago | (#17235140)

Interesting because I know someone at my university who will probably buy this game. He commented about playing fable and how he doesn't take the evil branch because, "I don't think going to heaven and saying 'Hey God, I like killing people in a video game,' is a good idea." But you know, killing them in a game where he's doing it in God's name certainly is!

It's historically correct (0, Flamebait)

pikkumyy (445891) | about 8 years ago | (#17235150)

Hasn't "convert or die" been the motto of christianity for centuries now?

Free marketting... (1)

SIInudeity (822415) | about 8 years ago | (#17235194)

Everyone here is playing right into the Christians hands...

Cool (1)

nurb432 (527695) | about 8 years ago | (#17235210)

Sounds like a cool game.

If the bible thumpers cant take a joke and realize its JUST A DAMNED GAME, then screw them. ( and i dont even like video games.. but i understand its just recreation )

All this 'political correctness' nonsense and 'cant hurt someones feelings' garbage has gotten way out of hand.

How about making things more equal? (1)

the_humeister (922869) | about 8 years ago | (#17235224)

Make some games based on the eschatology of other religions [contenderministries.org] .
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